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Wireless WiFi Waterproof Earwax Removal Tool

by Zendrop
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3.9mm Lens

1. Six axis directional gyroscope can realize body rotation and keep the lens angle of view unchanged for user friendly operation, suitable for daily ear cleaning care and professional ear disease check.

2. Built-in WiFi hotspot and 3mm diameter camera lens can achieve the clear image and real-time whole process video of earwax digging with rich details for practical observation and check of the ear canal.

3. High brightness LED lights can provide auxiliary illumination to help improve the image clarity in dark or low-light conditions.

4.Widely compatible with Android & iOS smart phones and tablets for a more convenient connection.

5. Waterproof camera lens can enable easier and painless access into your body and wider application range for eyes, nose, oral, skin and etc.

3.9mm Lens
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5.5mm Lens
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