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Snore Shocker

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New Smart Snore Stopper Device Stop Snoring Wristband Watch Anti Snoring Sleeping Aid Biosensor Snore-ceasing Equipment

You love your mate, but snoring still needs to fix to make your relationship even better. You snore when sleeping and feel unhappy when you see your girlfriend tired of losing sleep. Let’s overcome that with our product.

Our Snore Shock is a comfortable anti-snore wristband that reduces the frequency and intensity of snoring. The band senses when you start to snore and will send a painless electrical pulse to stimulate nerves and train the brain to stop snoring. 

The sore stopper is a revolutionary innovation in design, when patients are snoring sounds, snoring inside the bio-electronic chip (EBI) in the detection process is activated immediately bionic, snoring device body through the bottom of the conduction patch wrist outside the customs points, biological EA quickly transmitted to the nerve center of the pulse signal, the uvula in patients with snoring and other related respiratory reflex contraction of an immediate adjustment, eliminating the incentive for snoring, respiratory tract air flow to achieve treatment improve the "uvula" and other related respiratory function tension effect, the moratorium effectively prevent respiratory symptoms (OSA) the occurrence, refused to sleep disturbance caused by high blood pressure, stroke, heart disorders, cerebrovascular diseases, to prevent sudden death during sleep happening.

On Sale Price: $ 35.95
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On Sale Price: $ 35.95
Regular Price: $ 51.45
Your Savings: $ 15.50

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